2013 Rescues

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August 25th

Courtown lifeboat launched (Sunday at 14:10) to a report of a swimmer missing off Ardamine beach. The lifeboat crew who were in the harbour at the time, launched within minutes to the scene and commenced a search of the area. Rescue helicopter R117 was also tasked to the scene along with Courtown Coastguard unit. After a thorough search of the area between Glasscarrig and Courtown pier all rescue services were stood down as nothing was found and returned to the base. Many thanks to all the members of public who helped and provided information. Courtown lifeboat is now refueled and ready for next service.

August 19th 2013

Courtown Lifeboat was launched to a report of a swimmer in difficulty off Ardamine beach. The lifeboat was on scene within a few minutes, the swimmer was located and was found to be safe. Courtown lifeboat would always encourage members of the public if in doubt and you think someone is in trouble to always dial 999, it is better to have the lifeboat there if needed.

August 16th 2013

Two RNLI lifeboat crew and Courtown coastguard assisted the beach lifeguards & ambulance with a casualty with cardiac problems on Courtown Beach. Courtown lifeboat would like to commend the beach guards on their quick response and actions.

August 13th 2013

Courtown Lifeboat was on its weekly training exercise when it was diverted to assist yacht Astrix which had suffered engine failure and required a tow. The lifeboat took the yacht in tow and brought it into the harbour to its mooring.

August 10th 2013

Courtown Lifeboat was called out today to assist a sailing boat that had gone aground on the Bradleys rocks just south of Courtown Harbour. The yacht called ‘Jaws’ had been taking part in the weekly club race and had accidently drifted onto the rocks with three persons on board. Yacht Yasemin that also had been taking part in the same race, came to the assistance and helped tow the yacht off the rocks. Yasemin then passed the tow over to the lifeboat. Courtown lifeboat then proceeded to tow Jaws back into harbour.